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Key Lockboxes For Emergency Responders



Clients may need urgent aid from a responder or emergency medical services, making immediate access to their homes crucial.

A client may not have hidden a key location on file, or may change the location from the one we have on file. In such cases, forcible entry is the only choice when the client needs help fast.

A key lockbox is a secure alternative to hiding a key, and helps ensure easy access to a client's home in the event of an emergency.

The lockbox is ideal for clients who are:

✔ Likely to need frequent medical attention from emergency services

✔ Without a reliable or suppotive group of responders

✔ Anxious about the prospect of having their doors broken

✔ Concerned about hiding a key or likely to change hidden key locations oftens

✔ Reassured by the security and peace of mind that a lockbox offers

Our lockboxes are available to ANY client (not just members) and can be purchased for a low, one-time fee of $30.

Email us or call 773-631-5673 for more information.

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